According the New York Post, Charles Rangel is expected to run for a 23rd term for his Harlem Congressional seat. Despite an ethics scandal in 2010, Rangel has twice been re-elected since. At 83 years old one might be expected to be bidding adieu to the Congressman, but he seems to have more determination and resiliency than a hockey masked serial killer chasing co-eds through the woods


It was over 40 years ago that Rangel disposed of the legendary Adam Clayton Powell Jr. ¬†So in 2014 who will step up to be the Rangel to Rangel’s Powell or is Rangel not even Powell? ¬†Perhaps Rangel is our first immortal member of Congress-holding on to his office until the sun burns out and the Earth is a cold barren wasteland or cool ski destination for vacationing space aliens.

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  1. Jason says:

    Great pic Glenn…Yeah, he’s been there awhile… He was scheduled to speak at my P.S. 87 class of ’83 grammar school graduation. He is a Korean War Vet, and we don’t have enough of them anymore.

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